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100 designs
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35 projects
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in 8 years
50 employees
in the company

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Bau Mix - is a group of companies including: production-and-technology, design, construction and controlling divisions. Employees of the organization work in integrated working and information spaces, regularly exchanging experience and knowledge.

We always give our client more than he plans to expect from a design-and-construction company.

Bau Mix - is an honest and trusted company. Our work is results in an exceptionally high-quality finished-product. Guaranteeing the competence of our specialists, we are ready to take your design plans, which have been already completed by third-party contractors, and perform a review.

In half of all cases we will save you up to 30% of your construction costs by applying optimal construction and technological solutions!

Save up to 30% of your budget

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150 000 м2
Accumulated expertise
Our own
specialist equipment
We are proud
of our specialists

Performing construction of buildings and facilities in the city of Novosibirsk, we offer a full range of construction-and-installation works. Our company is a team of professionals, each member of which is a professional in his own specialism.. During eight years of work we have accumulated significant experience,

which allows us to construct turnkey projects at the modern level basis, to fulfill functions of a general contractor of construction and reconstruction of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Thanks to development in new directions, research of various market sectors,

timely establishment of new partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are always ready to offer our customers affordable quotes for building construction and to carry out the construction of projects of any complexity in a quality manner.

Construction of buildings and facilities

We carry-out construction works promptly, professionally, in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. A key prerequisite for quality construction of buildings is the qualitatively carried out design work and, of course, the strength of the company. Our qualified team of engineers, designers, builders and employees of other specialties is essential for the construction of facilities - a strong link of our company, which is the general contractor for the construction of residential and public buildings.

The high level of the execution of our services when carrying out construction and-installation work in Novosibirsk, not only of standard designs, is worth noting. We are equally scrupulous about the construction of temporary buildings and facilities. We guarantee exclusive professional competence when constructing prefabricated buildings, as well as when working with specific and non-standard facilities and buildings requiring individual engineering solutions and the application of mental flexibility. We take on the implementation of designs involving use of any materials, whether panel or solid structures, or construction of sandwich panel buildings.

Having entrusted the construction of buildings in Novosibirsk to «Bau Mix» company , you will ensure yourself:

  • A graded approach to selection of building materials;
  • Construction of buildings and facilities with the use of advanced technologies;
  • High level of performance of preparatory and construction works;
  • Record terms of construction, which are necessarily coordinated with the client;
  • Strict control over all stages of construction of projects.

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