Comprehensive approach

To successfully launch a project is the main task in the real estate market.
Solving this problem as a whole allows you to get a quality product with the best use of money and time resources.

Comprehensive approach
  • Concept
  • Designing
  • Expertise
  • Construction
  • Object

From the beginning of undertaking the whole package of works our company will render services on the selection and development of a plot of land for construction, if necessary. We will also collect permission documents, prepare the terms of reference and create a draft design. At this stage we develop the concept of the future building, determine the budget and timing of the project.

Within the framework of design-and-survey works we will perform engineering surveys on the plot of land, obtain all technical provisions and develop design documents in order to pass independent inspection, obtain a building permit and thereafter perform the construction and installation works.

We will perform all kinds of construction and installation works qualitatively and within contractual terms, and also obtain permits for commissioning a new building.

Why a comprehensive approach to construction —
is profitable?

Ease of communication

At any time you will receive an answer to any question: thanks to a modern project management system, any employee involved in work has information about the current situation concerning your project.

Minimization of Risk

Being the only people involved, we bear all responsibility for the process and the result. At the same time the multi-level monitoring and reporting systems used in our company always allows you to see the true state of affairs.

Opportunity of Saving

Avoiding unnecessary coordination with different contractors and supervisory bodies, understanding the entire budget from the first days of work will significantly shorten the terms of the project, and therefore save your money.

Maximum benefit of construction

We take into account all aspects of construction, which makes it possible to increase investment attractiveness and market value of future object.

Guarantee of obtaining
a building permit

We comply with all standards and regulations of designing and construction established in the territory of the Russian Federation, confirming this by SRO permits, that is why we have no problems with legalization of works carried out.

Comprehensive vision of objective

Our team considers the objective in a comprehensive manner thanks to our specialists in different fields of specialism. This allows it to take timely and optimal decisions.

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Our team is ready to perform
a full range of works

Our personnel comprises highly qualified engineers and constructors
Having our own financial and material assets reduces your risks and is our winning advantage among competitors
Reliable partners have become a key to successful work at stages of passing approvals and year-round construction
Experience and knowledge allow us to give guarantees and not to make mistakes
Machinery and equipment on site is very economical in terms of time and money
Non-standard approaches to problem solving make it possible to see options where others cannot see them

Our objects

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